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We first met Melissa at the Doula information event at Harmony Birth. After a brief interview with her, we instantly knew she was the doula we wanted to hire. Melissa is a seasoned professional and that was evident by the way she exercised her knowledge and skills throughout our delivery experience. We are certain that our birth story would have had a different outcome had it not been for Melissa's advocacy, support, and expertise in the labor room. We credit her for shaping our first birth experience as a very positive one! It truly was the single best decision we made for not only my husband and I, but for our baby girl. Who, because of Melissa entered this world in the best of all circumstances. Thank you Melissa!! (Hyon Chu Yi-Baker 4/08)


We had the pleasure of delivering our daughters, Daniella (September 2006) and Tamara (November 2007) with Melissa. Her experience, confidence and humor created a pleasant and calm atmosphere in the delivery room which benefited all: Our nurses, our Dr. and us. In addition, her massaging and breathing techniques, along with her endless ideas for birthing positions created less painful birth experience, and helped us achieve our goal - drug-free vaginal births. Additionally, after the delivery, Melissa has made herself available to us for questions and advice, which was extremely helpful for new, inexperienced parents like we were. With great gratitude, it is our pleasure to recommend Melissa Dean as a Doula. We believe that it is imperative to every couple who seeks to maximize and enjoy the birth experience to have someone as resourceful as Melissa in the delivery room. Sharon and Eran


"Melissa was an essential part of making our birth experience as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.  Largely because of her support, we were able to have our baby without pain medication, and we relished in 2 hours of immediate, uninterrupted bonding time with our baby girl right after birth.  Melissa displayed a uniquely calm, assertive approach which helped us to make critical decisions under duress, while simultaneously plan ahead with thoughtful intelligence.  Her presence was always positive, professional and non-judgmental before, during and after the birth. Pre-laboring at home with the use of Melissa's specific skill set and strategies for easing pain and staying focused were instrumental-- especially pressure-point and general massage.  When labor came to a halt mid-afternoon, Melissa came up with creative, natural solutions to change the momentum of things, while maintaining our stamina and morale.  Melissa was also highly effective as an advocate-liaison between us and the hospital staff, bringing together a roomful of people that might otherwise have felt like a roomful of strangers. Our families commented afterward that they, too, felt reassured by Melissa's calm and knowledgeable presence.  We were all in awe of her physical and emotional stamina. We would highly recommend Melissa Dean as a Doula to anyone having a baby who wishes to make it the best possible experience--whether their first child or their tenth! " Jason and Liza (12/07)


Both my husband and I highly appreciate Melissa’s help during the birth of our first baby. She greatly diminished the stress and fear associated with childbirth and gave us confidence. Only thanks to her was I able to avoid antibiotics, labor induction (both were planned but not administered) and potentially other medical interventions, and under her guidance even the epidural proved to be unnecessary. I had not believed that I would be able to have a natural birth, but Melissa helped me achieve this goal and focus on the uniqueness of this experience. At the same time I appreciated the way Melissa was open-minded about the epidural, and I never felt that I was being pressured to do something I was not comfortable doing.

I was in labor for 43 hours. Melissa gave me confidence and helped to spend almost all of that time in the comfort of my home. During much of those long hours, Melissa was constantly checking in with us and giving advice over the phone. I could call her any time of the day or night. She came to our house when I felt I needed her by my side and went to the hospital with us. Without Melissa’s advice, I would have certainly gone to the hospital at the onset of labor. Throughout my labor she was helping and guiding me in a very nurturing, confident, and friendly way. We were fortunate to have hired Melissa, and we highly recommend any expecting mom in the Bay Area to hire her. ~Igor & Milena, (12/05 and also 5/07)


We chose to have a doula because we wanted someone knowledgeable, communicative, and “on our team” the whole time. Melissa did that perfectly and helped make the whole delivery team at Stanford hospital work together with us. Catching the baby was one of my life’s most special moments, and having Melissa there to support Karen at the same time made me feel that I could leave her side to do the catching.
-- Mark, San Mateo (10/05)


My husband and I would never have another child without Melissa as our doula!  She was so great at keeping us informed of current issues, birth and health options throughout my pregnancy, that we felt completely educated in our whole birth process.   She supported us whole-heartedly and made a point to know our desires so that she could help us plan the best birth experience possible.  During labor she was incredibly intuitive about how to help me focus best and reach our goal of a natural, drug-free birth.  We also appreciated her respect of my husband's role in our baby's birth and how she did not interfere with it, but complimented it.  Melissa's knowledge and experience were beyond measure and she completed the most amazing experience of our lives!  Stop looking!  You have found the best! ~Carl and Jill Yuen

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