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"We absolutely love Melissa! I saw Melissa for all of my prenatal care, the birth, and postnatal care. Every single aspect was better than I could have imagined. After 3 very standard hospital births this experience showed me what birth should really be like. Having a trained midwife that you know, trust and care about is invaluable! Her knowledge is apparent at every turn, and she never once doubted my ability to birth a healthy baby at home. I wish every one of my pregnant friends could have Melissa as their midwife, and have their babies safely at home! Could not have asked for a better or more enjoyable experience. Melissa is knowledgeable, caring, encouraging, calm, and confident. Everything you would expect and need in a care provider. My one and only regret is that I didn't find her sooner!" - N.R. May 2012


"Melissa is an amazing midwife and delivered our second child at our home. We met her through our first midwife and when she retired, we knew exactly who we'd be using for our second: Melissa. She has a way about her that makes trusting her instantly very easy. And with Melissa, our second birth experience was SO much better than our first! Melissa has such a great energy about her...very confident, calming and just the right mix of taking command and mothering. She's just solid all around. Melissa is also gracious, as I wasn't always the best patient. I was on the fence for much of our pregnancy about whether to try a home birth again {our first was a medically necessary transfer}, and brought my concerns to Melissa. I was gun-shy because of our first experience. Because of that, I worried about Melissa's CPM credential and newness to it. She was so helpful, positive and honest-- just want I needed in order to make my decision.

To be honest, my experience with Melissa was much better than my service with a previous Certified Nurse Midwife. And I'm so so glad we went with the home birth. It was an absolutely amazing experience and Melissa and her team were wonderful. Everything went super smoothly and without a hitch! And when we had difficulties during recovery, she was very available via email, phone and text. And with a great source of information and recommendations to give to us. We definitely plan on using Melissa again, even though she's a 45 minute drive away. Her service and friendship is more than worth it!" - J.S. 2009, 2011, and 2013


"We were very fortunate to have met Melissa when I was looking for a midwife. I felt completely comfortable with her, and trusted her immediately. She was confident that we could have the home birth we desired and with her help, we did. As my due date approached and I started getting nervous, she helped me stay positive and kept me from worrying about the little things. She also connected me with other people and resources in the community which proved to be invaluable. During my prenatal care and labor she was patient, calm and gave helpful suggestions without being pushy. After my daughter was born, Melissa was very supportive and like a concerned friend. She came back to check on us a few times and was more than willing to help with any questions or concerns we had." L.G & G.B- October 2011


"On November 4th, 2010 we witnessed the miracle of life unfolding again in front of us... this time in the peace of our home, in the warmth of a pool, and held with love by our midwives Melissa and Kavita. Having Nicole there with us to welcome her baby brother into the world made everything even more special. It has been the most empowering experience in my whole life.
There is nothing that a woman can't achieve when she is surrounded by love and the right support to remind her that she can fully trust her body and her deepest instincts to make a dream come true" I.C. - November 2010


"Melissa was very supportive to what I really wanted, and I appreciated that. She is very kind and was always there when I needed something. She went above and beyond the call of duty." S.H. - June 2010


"My birth experience was so wonderful! I loved how Melissa stayed right by me and how she made everything go so smoothly. Her confidence in me, and informing me what was going on and that everything was going well helped me to relax. She was very gentle and kind and made me feel special." T.S. - July 2010


As a first time mom, Melissa was a God-send. She was such a calming presence throughout my pregnany, answering all my questions and reassuring me that my feelings were normal. She helped me plan my homebirth and even lent me her birthing tub. I felt so confident with her by my side when I went into labor. As I labored at home, Melissa was a source of strength for both my husband and I. She gave us ideas for different laboring positions, offered massage and homeopathic remedies, and was a suportive presence willing to do whatever was the most helpful. My birth ended up in a hospital transfer which was another reason that I was glad that she was my midwife. Melissa helped me stay calm and move forward when things didn't go as I planned. She helped me have the knowledge and confidence I needed to stand up for myself and my baby in the hospital setting. J.H. - April 2010


Melissa Dean is an exceptional doula and midwife. She comes with our highest recommendation. We have hired Melissa twice. Our first daughter's birth is cronicled below. For our second daughter’s birth, Melissa flew out to PA from CA to wait 3 long weeks for our daughter’s debut. Melissa’s presence was priceless. She educated, observed, suggested, and respected the waiting and the birth process. When our baby was finally being born, Melissa’s voice penetrated through the fog of the pushing phase, offering my discombobulated thoughts a beacon of light towards which to orient. She was integral in the entire process from conception to pregnancy education to the accomplishment of our pain-free home birth and healthy baby girl. Melissa is conscientious, knowledgeable, highly respected and respectful. We esteem her abilities tremendously and trust her opinion and judgment implicitly. Gratefully, Rikki Boehmer & Family 1/07

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